I often describe my dream job as being a "Professional Wedding Hype Girl." One of my favorite things to do is laugh. I love Jazz music, cold weather, and potstickers. I dream in Nora Ephron scripts. I've learned how to fall in love with musicals, wear more rings than the number of fingers on your average person, and go crazy-eyed at the mention of Harry Potter. 

I am passionate about Jesus and the love that I am able to share with others because of Him. I cry easily and often, and would wear my Adidas everyday if society would allow it. I get excited when I think about how uniquely made each of our stories are. I long to share your story - how did you meet, how long have you been together, what's one thing that makes you weak in the knees about your significant other? I want to capture what is rooted in each of us, love. I care about comfort and loyalty and want you to feel valued each and every day because here's something cool - you are. I want you to walk away from our session feeling like you've gained a new friend and confidant.

I am Oregon-born, Texas-raised and proud of it. The city makes my heart beat fast, but get teary-eyed at the sight of a silhouetted water tower against the sunset. 

bio photo by the ever-so-inspiring Lauren Apel.