This past year has taught me quite a bit about the goodness of family; the love, the strength, the grace. I have seen the way a family goes through hardship - I have touched grief and felt the way the family clings to one another during that time; both family that is biological, and many that aren't. One of the things I love about being a photographer is how quickly so many people have allowed me to enter their families - if only for a little bit.

Many families I have been able to photograph I have known, but the few that I haven't, it has been a gift to be welcomed into your family. I truly think it is one of the coolest things when I see families I photograph around town, and can talk to the parents or have some fun with the children, only after spending an hour with them prior. I can walk away and safely say that my life has been impacted by theirs. During each session, I see parents clinging to one another amongst the craziness of littles, I see mothers giving kisses and fixing shoes, I see fathers embracing hugs and making the kids laugh, and I see siblings teaching and loving on each other. I know that life isn't perfect and I understand that the twenty minutes before a session starts there might have been crying, but ultimately, at the end of the day, I end each session being so freaking thankful for family.

Because amongst the chaos of life and the stress of family photos, I see love. Love is what makes a family. Love is what is so simply photographed. Love is the engine that keeps on pushing even when life gets immensely hard. Love is what has held me up these past six months, and what will forever continue to do so. So for the families that I have been gifted to photograph over this past year - thank you. Thank you for letting me into your lives for just a little bit, and for being so quick to show your love for the camera. I feel I have gained multiple new families, and I am far from complaining about it.