Grace. Strength. Fighting. Joy. Hope.

Five words to describe Taylor and Lacey Jervis. 

When I first met the Jervises, I was enthralled. I didn’t know them well but admired them from afar (this is a confession I am just now making). Taylor and Lacey met and started dating in high school - HIGH SCHOOL! - and watching them talk about the life they’ve lived since then is a gift. Lacey said so herself, “It truly is a gift to be able to see that we still love each other and even more… all that God has done."

They have loved each other for 14 years. 

I asked them questions about the first time they met (Taylor went in for a handshake, Lacey a hug), what it was like to break-up in college only to realize that, like in most movies, the person they wanted to spend their lives with they already knew. I asked about what they've learned throughout these years and together, they have learned what it looks like to literally walk through their adult years hand-in-hand. Through marriage, moving, children, loss, community - the highest of highs and lowest of lows. They have learned to fight for one another and alongside one another, their marriage has grown as their strength has deepened. They know the joy in laughter and use it well, they walk in wisdom and many people follow, they fight with hope and grit in what’s to come, they trust the purpose behind their stories and live with grace. I am, and will forever be, honored to know THE Taylor and Lacey Jervis.