It's always really easy to photograph a couple that is in love - I mean that's what we, as photographers, do, but there was something different about April 23rd: the day Lainey became a Buchanan.

There was so much joy surrounding Davis and Lainey that day - the air felt lighter from the get-go. The party started the night before as their people stood proudly before them and lifted them up in encouragement and hope. As soon as the morning came, there wasn't an ounce of stress on that property. Lainey was RADIANT, Davis was giddy, and the Lord was present. You can tell that they were both raised deeply in love and love has carried them to each other. It was such an honor to get to be a part of their day - here's to you, Buchanan's!

(Also shoutout to Amanda Beaty for letting me photograph this day with her.)