There’s nothing quite like getting to watch your best friends fall in love. I’m lucky to have seen it a few times, but it truly never gets old. Brandon and Christine got married two weeks ago, so this is more of a "Giella Appreciation" Post.

Christine and I have been friends since before puberty so you know we've been through a lot, and one thing I can proudly and confidently say is that she is loyal (and super weird but we'll get to that later). Through high school, college, and our post-college years, she has been an encouraging presence in my life - she has fought for me, challenged me, and continuously seeks me out. One of my favorite things about their wedding weekend was recognizing that Brandon is the same way. He is loyal to his friendships and beliefs, sees a person's potential and encourages you to walk in it. 

Brandon has said that one of his favorite things about Christine is that she is unafraid to be both serious and quirky, but honestly it goes both ways. They are intellects with a touch (scoop? dollop? a lot?) of laughter - they see the beauty in both, which is such a gift. I'm so grateful for the two of them. If you're in need of two truly good friends who will talk to you about passion, hope, and grace and whose presence you will leave feeling like you can do anything - well I might just know some people. Friendship is such a gift and I am so grateful that I have somehow been given some of the bests.

Giella's, thanks for walking with grit and dreaming big. Here's to you.

(P.S. Thanks to the random man in Klyde Warren who taught them how to waltz.)